Chicks on Christmas Flicks

2021 Week #7/8: Blending a Dickens of a Gospel Godwink Christmas – Plus Hot (or Nots)

December 17, 2021 Author K.L. Brady
Chicks on Christmas Flicks
2021 Week #7/8: Blending a Dickens of a Gospel Godwink Christmas – Plus Hot (or Nots)
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Hosted by: K.L. Brady
Music Producer and Editor: Will B on IG @ManCaveMusic25

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Ho-Ho-Ho Holiday Movie Headlines 

Based on: The Christmas Books that Make the Movies
A Godwink Christmas – Squire Rushnell, Louise Duart 

Week 7/8 RECAPS 

  •  Blending Christmas (Hallmark) 
  • A Dickens of a Holiday (Hallmark) 
  •  A Godwink Christmas: Miracle of Love (HMM) 
  • Kirk Franklin’s A Gospel Christmas (Lifetime)

Week 7/8 Hot (or Not) Chick Picks 

  • The Holiday Fix Up – Lifetime (HoT)
  • Mistletoe Mixup – Amazon Prime (Hot) 
  • Eight Gifts of Hanukkah – Hallmark (Warmish) 
  •  Our Christmas Journey – Hallmark (Hot) 
  • A Clusterfunke Christmas – Comedy Central (Hot)

Not HO HO Nope - Fa La La La Flubs. 

  •  Zoeys Extraordinary Christmas -- Roku (Hot) 
  • Sister Swap: Hometown Holiday and Sister Swap : Christmas in the City – Hallmark (Hot) 

UP Next Week...

  •  Sugar Plum Twist – A ballerina puts a Latina twist on the The Nutcracker 
  • Mistletoe in Montana – Lifetime – Kellie Martin, Melissa Hart, Duane Henry


  •  The Christmas House 2: Deck Those Halls (Hallmark) 
  • Toying with the Holidays (Lifetime)
  • Christmas for Keeps  (HMM)


  •  Under the Christmas Tree –Lifetime 
  •  Christmas Together –UPTV 


  • Candy Cane Candidate – Lifetime  

Other Streamers 

  • Candy Coated Christmas (Discovery+) 
  •  A Cape Cod Christmas (AMC+) 
  • A Christmas Proposal (CBS, Paramount+)
  • Let it Snow (Netflix) 
  • Just Another Christmas (Netflix) 
  • Holiday in the Wild (Netflix) 
  • Jingle Jangle (Family Movie) – Netflix 
  •  Holiday in Santa Fe – Hot 

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Until next time remember: You cannot have too many Christmas movies. You can only have not enough Christmas movies [inside joke from the show].

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St. Nick Shout Outs
Ho Ho Ho Holiday Headlines - Christmas Movie Zodiac
Week 7/8 RECAPS
Blending Christmas (Correction: Marla Sokoloff -- Sorry Marla!)
A Dickens of a Holiday!
A Godwink Christmas: Miracle of Love
Kirk Franklin's A Gospel Christmas
Hot (or Not) Chick Picks
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