Chicks on Christmas Flicks

Season 2, Episode 5: TV Christmas Movies! The October Rundown + What We're Watching All Weekend #1

October 14, 2021 Author K.L. Brady Season 2 Episode 3
Chicks on Christmas Flicks
Season 2, Episode 5: TV Christmas Movies! The October Rundown + What We're Watching All Weekend #1
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Hosted by: K.L. Brady
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Thank you for listening in to Chicks on Christmas Flicks podcast! This week, we've got one chick, K.L. Brady, and I detail our list of must watch TV Christmas Movies for 2021.

 Ho-Ho-Ho Holiday Movie Headlines
Peanuts on TV
Shop Early Ship Early
Advent Calendar Wine
GAC Family 

Based on: The Christmas Books that Make the Movies
The Christmas Bucket List – Ella Fairlie
What we’re Watcing in October
(Diverse Denoted w/ *)

October 15
Jingle Belle (6pm) *
This Christmas (8pm)*
Wrapped up in Christmas (10:33pm)*
October 21
Homemade Christmas 6pm
People Presents: Once Upon a Mainstreet*
The Christmas High Note
October 22 
Hallmark Movies & Mysteries
A Christmas Melody (6 am) *
A Gingerbread Romance (8am)*
A Joyous Christmas (10am)
Crown for Christmas (HMM Noon)
Crashing Through the Snow (Noon)
Five Star Christmas – (6pm)
A Gift to Remember (8pm)
You, Me & the Christmas Tree (8pm)
Christmas Next Door (Hall 10pm)
Sugar and Spice Holiday (6pm) *
A Christmas in Tennessee (10pm)
The Holiday (8pm)
Saturday, October 23
Hallmark Mysteries and Movies
A Boyfriend for Christmas (6am)
Christmas in Montana (8am)
Christmas in Evergreen (2pm)
Once Upon a Christmas Miracle (8pm) 
Christmas in My Heart 10 pm 
On the Twelfth Day of Christmas (6am)
Christmas Getaway (8am)
Snow Bride (10 am)
Boyfriends of Christmas Past (8pm)
The Nine Lives of Christmas (10pm)
Sunday – Oct 24th
Cross Country Christmas (12 am)
Christmas Connection (4am).
The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (10am) 
Jingle Bell Bride (12pm)
The Santa Stakeout (8pm)
A Christmas Carousel (10pm)
Hallmark Movies and Mysteries
Cranberry Christmas (2am) 
Christmas Everlasting (8am)
Finding Christmas (2pm)
Holly and Ivy (10pm)
Road to Christmas and 12 Gifts of Christmas  (12pm)
ust In Time for Christmas (2am)
Christmas on Honeysuckle Lane (4am)
A NutCracker Christmas (8am)
Holiday Engagement (10am)
On the 12th Date of Christmas (8pm)
A Christmas List (10pm)
Sleigh Bells Ring (12pm)
Friday, October 29
Christmas in Harmony (8pm)
Saturday, October 30
Coyote Creek Christmas (Hallmark)
The Christmas Promise (HM&M)
Much Ado About Christmas (GAC)
Sunday, October 31
Christmas Sail (Hallmark) 

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