Chicks on Christmas Flicks

K.L.’s TOP 16 – Favorite TV Christmas Movies on DVR (Part 1)

February 15, 2021 Author K.L. Brady Season 1 Episode 26
Chicks on Christmas Flicks
K.L.’s TOP 16 – Favorite TV Christmas Movies on DVR (Part 1)
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See Correction on A Christmas Exchange book title and author below.

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Thank you for listening in to Chicks on Christmas Flicks podcast! This week’s movies and give you our Hot (or Not) Chick Picks!    

Ho-Ho-Ho Holiday Movie Headlines 

·      Diversity at Hallmark – CEO Wonya Lucas and Michelle Vicary Taken to Task by Reporters 

·      Book to Movie Update 

Based on: The Christmas Books that Make the Movies

·      Correction: Molly Cooper's Dream Date by Barbara Hannay 

·      The Christmas Bucket List by Ella Fairlie 

K.L.’s DVR – The First 7 (Sorry—I misnumbered and only included 7). 

·      Once Upon a Christmas Miracle (Hallmark) 

·      A Christmas Exchange (Lifetime)

·      People Presents: Once Upon a Main Street (Lifetime)

·      Five Star Christmas (Hallmark)

·      On the 12th Date of Christmas (Hallmark)

·      Christmas List (Hallmark) 

·      Christmas Around the Corner 

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Until next time remember: You cannot have too many Christmas movies. You can only have not enough Christmas movies [inside joke from the show]. 

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Ho Ho Ho Holiday Headlines
Hallmark Taken To Task on Diversity
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