Chicks on Christmas Flicks

Episode 22—A Christmas Carousel Exchange on the Menu

December 27, 2020 Author K.L. Brady
Chicks on Christmas Flicks
Episode 22—A Christmas Carousel Exchange on the Menu
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Episode 22—A Christmas Carousel Exchange on the Menu

Hosted by: K.L. & Kathleen 
Music Producer and Editor: Will B on IG @willdcard25

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Thank you for listening in to Chicks on Christmas Flicks podcast! This week’s movies and give you our Hot (or Not) Chick Picks!    


Ho-Ho-Ho Holiday Movie Headlines 

·      Top Christmassy Cities in the United States - 10. Red Wing, Minnesota; 9. New York, New York 8. Las Vegas, NV 7. Durango, Colorado 6. Bernsville, PA 5. Newport, California 4. Williamsburg, Virginia 3. Rhinebeck, New York 2. Santa Claus, Indiana – Fun Fact – Featured in Snowed Inn (Lifetime) 1. Frankenmuth, Michigan

·      Christmas Movie Quiz – Can You Identify the Fake Movie at Twitter -- #chicksonchristmasflicks 

Based on: The Christmas Books that Make the Movies

·      Molly Cooper’s Dream Date by Barbara Hannay (A Christmas Exchange) 

 Weekly Recaps and Reviews 

1.     Christmas on the Menu (Lifetime) 

2.     The Christmas Carousel (Hallmark)

3.     A Christmas Exchange (Lifetime) 

 Hot (or Not) Weekly Chick Picks
Kathleen's Picks 

  • A California Christmas 
  • Christmas in Graceland: Home for the Holiday 
  • A Picture Perfect Christmas 

K.L.’s Picks 

  • Hot! A Sugar and Spice Holiday [Correction from Christmas (Lifetime)] 
  • Hot-tish! A Glenbrooke Christmas (Hallmark Movies & Mysteries) 
  • Hot-tish! Christmas Comes Twice  (Hallmark) 
  • Not-tish! A Lonestar Christmas  (Lifetime) 

Overall – observation on OWN movies - 

  • Baking Christmas (Own). 
  • A Christmas for Mary (Own)  

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Until next time remember: You cannot have too many Christmas movies. You can only have not enough Christmas movies [inside joke from the show]. 

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Ho-Ho-Ho Holiday Headlines
Weekly Recaps and Reviews
A Christmas Carousel
Christmas on the Menu
A Christmas Exchange
Hot (or Not) Chick Picks
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